A one-of-a-kind concept MFA Technology

MFA is a new tool that can be used in the markets above and many more. MFA enables lift, propulsion, control— and it is a much more cost effective, and simpler solution than traditional Maglev systems. It’s imaginative and inventive. And the way it uses magnetic fields is transformative.

How Hover Technology Works

MFA is simply the design of more useful magnetic fields. By combining relatively weak magnetic fields in the correct way, the magnetic flux can be organized to reinforce and align itself to do more work.

Depending on the application, MFA can begin either with electromagnets or permanent magnets. When their respective fields are properly combined, new field patterns can be created for specific uses.

The MFA hover engine generates a primary magnetic field, which induces electrical currents in the conductive surface. These eddy currents then create a secondary magnetic field which repels the primary field. In other words, the hover engines create opposing electromagnets in the surface material which provide lift.

ArxPax Hover Technology

What MFA Can Do

Motion and Control
  • Objects powered by MFA technology are capable of omnidirectional motion, propulsion, braking, and rotation without touching the surface.
  • MFA allows for extremely complex movements without use of articulation or robotic motion.
  • Systems enabled with MFA are able to rotate 360 degrees with no turning radius.
Lift and Isolation
  • Merely having a levitated object allows external ("passive") control of motion with negligible friction.
  • Levitation allows vibration isolation between the levitated object and its conductive base.
  • MFA overcomes Earnshaw’s Theorem to allow a stable levitation paradigm.
Energy Transmission
  • Systems, such as inductive charging systems, can be simply deployed with limited re-design and expense.
  • Efficiency gains could be used to build inductive charging systems with larger air gaps and less stringent positional accuracy.
Non-Touch Coupling
  • Technology would allow for concepts such as a magnetic "clutch."
  • End effectors that pick up objects without touching them.
  • Able to move objects through non-conductive walls.

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