Arx Pax Fights Floods with Water

SAFE Building System takes sustainability to the next level; works in harmony with Mother Nature to protect disaster-prone and environmentally critical areas

Los Gatos, Calif., October 27, 2016 – Arx Pax Labs, Inc., developers of forward-thinking technology innovations, today announced a new way to build in flood zones and coastal areas using its SAFE Building System™. The self-adjusting floating environment draws from proven technologies used to float concrete bridges and runways such as Washington’s SR 520 and Japan’s Mega-Float. Arx Pax’s patented three-part foundation system (the basis for the SAFE Building System) offers a unique combination of methodologies from disparate architecture and engineering disciplines. In development now, the new solution is designed to float multi-storied buildings, roads and utilities in just a few feet of water. Arx Pax envisions floating entire communities out of harm’s way.

To help prevent the widespread destruction caused by natural disasters and sea-level rise, Arx Pax is helping developers, architects, aid organizations and governments rethink how they build rather than just react to disasters. Instead of retreating or rebuilding in the aftermath of a flood, the SAFE Building System allows developers and engineers to be proactive in environmentally critical areas. During a flood, a securely anchored SAFE community will simply float up, allowing floodwater to flow under and around the community instead of pouring into homes and businesses.

“No matter how ‘green’ your building is, it’s not sustainable if it isn’t able to withstand an event,” said Greg Henderson, co-founder and CEO of Arx Pax. “As an architect and builder, I knew there had to be a way to build more responsibly in areas subject to earthquakes, floods and rising sea levels. With that objective in mind, we created a high-tech approach to real estate development that adds value to communities before trouble arises. The SAFE Building System is able to isolate destructive forces so they do far less harm. It accomplishes this by introducing water to the site in a constructive way, enabling responsible development in flood zones and taking sustainability to the next level.”

To learn more information about the SAFE Building System, visit Arx Pax.

Third-party Validation

“Floods and rising sea levels are a worldwide threat. Arx Pax is demonstrating one way we can adapt to our changing climate. What we will learn from their work is sure to have a positive impact on our built environment,” said Dr. Gregory Stone, EVP at Conservation International and science advisor to the Republic of Kiribati and Pacific Rising.

“The SAFE Building System is an innovative approach for sustainable design that allows our built environment to work in harmony with our changing natural environment,” said Doug Robertson, President of Bay Area structural engineering firm Daedalus. “With the increasing risk of more frequent floods, rising sea levels and major earthquakes locally around the bay and beyond, the building industry should be looking at this methodology as a foundation alternative to ensure long-term sustainability. This is a viable foundation system for private homes, commercial, civic and institutional buildings and even for large-scale developments.”

About Arx Pax

Arx Pax Labs, Inc. is the Silicon Valley technology company that invented the patented three-part foundation system and Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) used in its Hover Engines. Both technologies will fundamentally change the way people work, play and live. The initial proof of concept for MFA was the famed Hendo Hoverboard that was used to raise the awareness for new building solutions. The company’s full list of patents is available here.

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