Arx Pax Sees Increased Traction in Hover Tech Sales

Global brands buy into the benefits of frictionless, omnidirectional movement;
Next-gen hover engine and MFA bundles now sold commercially

Los Gatos, Calif., June 8, 2016 — Arx Pax, the leader in hover technology, today announced that its first Hover Engine™ designed for high-performance hover applications, the HE3.0, and new Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA™) Bundle are available for purchase. With interest from a range of well-known enterprises and orders filling the queue, Arx Pax has had a busy and successful first half of the year. Not only was the company able to deliver Whiteboxes to its Kickstarter backers starting in April, it also shipped its HE3.0 to Hyperloop Pod Competition teams in May and created an MFA Bundle that allows makers and engineers to easily build systems with hover technology. The technology has also been purchased by early beta customers including Ball Aerospace and Pampa.

“Getting our technology in the hands of brilliant people worldwide has been our top priority,” said Greg Henderson, co-founder and CEO of Arx Pax. “There are huge opportunities that lie ahead in a variety of verticals where we are pushing boundaries and defying gravity in the process. I know that with many minds at work thinking of ways to apply our hover technology to real-world challenges, we’ll be able to effect positive change.”

Whether hover engines are used in entertainment, industrial automation, transportation, or seismic isolation, the benefits of omnidirectional frictionless movement are the same. Some organizations have already begun to leverage Arx Pax’s technology in their current projects. For example, vehicle designers could use the HE3.0 to equip cars and pods with levitation, propulsion, guidance, and braking using a single system.

“Our goal has always been to demonstrate a viable and scalable Hyperloop pod, and MFA will allow us to demonstrate such a system this summer at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition,” said Brent Lessard, CEO of rLoop, Inc. “The hover engines we’re integrating into our design not only permit us levitation and control over propulsion, braking, and altitude, but we can also perform these operations independent of the Hyperloop tube, opening up a world of opportunities. Together with Arx Pax, we now have the opportunity to revolutionize transportation and bring the world closer together.”

The time is right for disruption in other markets as well. By utilizing hover technology in their designs, community developers and architects could build disaster-resistant structures to provide protection against earthquakes, floods, and sea-level rise; moreover, engineers could create more efficient supply chains to help factory workers move heavy objects around a warehouse with ease.

“We work with leading-edge companies like Tesla, so we’re always on the lookout for new ways to enhance our advanced robotics solutions,” said Armando Rousseau, manager at Pampa Technologies. “We were very impressed by the hover, thrust, and control capabilities built into MFA and have lots of ideas about how to incorporate MFA into our next-generation offerings.

Pricing and Availability

To place an order, simply visit Arx Pax’s website. HE3.0 Hover Engines are being sold for $9,999 a pair, and the MFA Bundle is priced at $1,589.

About Arx Pax
Arx Pax Labs, Inc. is the Silicon Valley technology company that invented the patented Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) technology—a more efficient way to transmit electromagnetic energy. Strategic applications of MFA technology and the use of its hover engines include structural isolation, recreation and entertainment, industrial automation and transportation. MFA will fundamentally change the way people work, play and live. The initial proof of concept for MFA was the Hendo Hoverboard that launched in October 2014. Our full list of patents is available here.

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