The HE3.0 Hover Engine is the first in a series of Hover Engines designed for high-performance hover applications.

Industrial-grade motor and controller, larger system diameter and system volume and a new hardware design enable hovering of heavier payloads and higher speeds without limiting system control.

The HE3.0 provides vehicle designers with levitation, propulsion, guidance and braking in a single system.

Use the 3.0 for your system if you want:

  • Large payload capacity – each HE3.0 can carry up to 60 Kg
  • Large vehicle design – large 22 cm diameter enables fewer engines to support larger designs
  • Precise control – new hardware layout enables accurate vehicle control under any payload
  • Strong braking assist – generates sufficient torque to provide braking assist to any vehicle
  • Large hover clearance – can be optimized for larger lift clearances up to 20mm