The MFA Bundle is a kit that allows makers and engineers to build systems with hover technology quickly and easily.

The Bundle contains ALL the equipment users will need to incorporate MFA technology into their own system designs. It includes 4 HE400 hover engines, 4 mounting and actuation brackets, 4 servos, a system controller and an ESC that will come pre-flashed with optimized settings. System is pre-programmed to work with any 2.4 GHz RC controller.

Use the MFA Bundle for your system if you want:

  • Build a scale model of a larger system – payload capacity of 9 lbs including carrying weight of components
  • Easy-to-implement – CAD models, software and included system hardware can help designers get a system up-and-running in hours
  • Precise control – Actuation hardware and control software included
  • All-in-one solution – Lift, Propulsion, Braking and Control systems in a single assembly