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Hendo Hover™ represents the Entertainment and Recreation arm of Arx Pax. Offering a brand new experience and sensation, hover recreation has the potential to be the future of speed sports. Hendo Hoverboards have been in high demand since their launch in October 2014. Building Hoverparks and retro-fitting skateboard parks will soon be underway for this new sport to take flight. Hoverkarts will offer the incredible hover sensation to those who prefer to sit and drive, using either conventional steering or via a smartphone app. The Hoverluge introduces MFA hover technology to one of the most exhilarating sports around, allowing the rider to race down a banked track without ever touching the earth. Arx Pax MFA dark rides will be a revolution in the Themed Amusement experience, offering a dynamic new solution in guided motion technology. With MFA, Arx Pax is able to cross the last barrier in the Virtual Reality world by synchronizing hover technology with the virtual experience for total immersion.

Super Sequel for Back to the Future Day: Arx Pax Reveals Next-Gen Hoverboard